When is Watching Movies a Good Hobby?

Plenty of people these days are looking for hobbies. Maybe they didn’t have too much fun as children, or perhaps they just need a way to spend some of their spare time. Therefore, some individuals decide to take up movie watching as their hobby of choice. When is this hobby a good one for you to pursue though?

Enjoying Movies
If you dislike watching movies in the first place, then choosing this task as a hobby is going to be more challenging than enjoyable. Therefore, you should only consider this hobby if you actually love to watch movies. Of course, you might have a particular genre that you prefer, and you could make a hobby out of watching only that particular type of movie. This hobby is certainly a valid one, as is watching all types of films.

The Time
When people engage in hobbies, they generally want to spend a decent portion of their time doing it. Some hobbies, such as collecting coins, can take just a few minutes per day. However, if you’re going to make moving-watching your hobby, then you’re going to need to dedicate at least 90 minutes or so for every day to this enjoyable endeavor. As a result, you need to make sure that your schedule permits such a hobby.

Appreciation for Film
A hobby should certainly be about something that is enjoyable to you, but you also want to have an appreciation and a real passion for the field. For example, you might have a particular director of whose style you just can’t get enough, or you may be really interested in the elements of mis-en-scene. Having these elements in the back of your mind as you watch a film, or thinking about how you can analyze the movie, really enhances the experience. You’ll be able to get entertainment out of the movie, but you’ll also develop a sense of understanding.

Sharing The Hobby
Sitting alone and watching movies all of the time might be fun at first, but you may also start to live in a dream world after awhile. As a result, it wouldn’t hurt to find a person who would like to participate in this hobby with you. For example, you might want to engage in movie watching with your significant other, family member or a friend. Once the film is over, the two of you can discuss it together. You could even start a local (or cyber) club. People could gather together on a regular basis to watch and discuss films, or watch on their own and then discuss together later.

As you can see, watching movies can certainly be a fascinating and thought-provoking hobby for some people. However, for others, it can fall short and not meet expectations. Whether or not any hobby is right for you really depends upon where your interests lie and the type of activities in which you like to participate on a rather regular basis.

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